PC Service PC Service Description Price
Diagnostic Evaluation 24/7 PC will test your hardware and software to determine the source of your computer problems and recommend the best course of action based on these test results.   $FREE
Anti-virus If your computer does not have antivirus software, we will install a free year’s subscription to one of many software available. 24/7 PC will complete initial scan $FREE
PC Tune-Up A PC Tune-Up & Software update keeps your computer running at its best. 24/7 PC Tune-Up cleans hardware so it runs cool, cleans your file system to optimize performance, tests operating system and makes appropriate adjustments and updates software make sure your system operates to its fullest potential. $55
Operating System Repair If you have a corrupted operating system, a fresh reinstall may be the most cost effective way to resolve certain issues. Or, you may simply want to upgrade your current operating system. $85
Tier Two  Diagnostic & Operating System Repair 24/7 PC Tier Two Diagnostic & Operating System Repair service includes an extensive hardware and software test to verify the system, then a complete restore and update of your operating system. $105
Hardware Installation 24/7 PC Hardware Installation can be used to repair failed computer components or for upgrading your system with a new video card, sound card or other input/output expansion card, adding memory or a larger hard drive to improve your computer’s performance. Parts extra. Starting at $35
Data Backup Service 24/7 PC can backup your data from a working computer in case of future emergencies or transfer your files from one source to another. $55
Data Recovery Recovery data from a malfunctioning or otherwise inaccessible computer. Starting at $70
Tier Two Data Recovery Recovery data that has been deleted from a hard drive, digital camera, or other storage media. Starting at $175
Screen Replacement 24/7 PC will replace your broken/cracked laptop screen. Price of screen not included. Screens range from $40 to $125 $35
Software Install Installation of a single software title. $25
Advanced Software Install Installation of a software suite or multi-disc software title. $35
Memory Install Installation of additional memory. $25
Networking Network 2 computers and configure file and print sharing. $135
Single PC Wireless Setup Wireless networking for a single computer. $70
Add-On Networking Item Each additional computer added to the network. $35
Single PC Setup Set up of a single PC, even if not purchased at 24/7 PC $50
Service Call Your location, first hour of service included. Additional time at $79.95 per hour. $125
In Store Service Training, repair work, discussing your computer issues and possible solutions… $79.95
Web Design Our basic entry level web site, add-ons available limited by your imagination. Starting at $495
Web Maintenance Hosting, domain issues, email, security, SEO, social media, updates, blogs, new revenue ventures, plug ins, meta setting… Available for monthly contract fees. Starting at $95
External Storage Set up for Cloud, jump drive, external backup devices, network backups, mirror images of any bootable device… Starting at $35
CustomComputer Build 24/7 PC builds corporate and gaming custom computers. Ask us about the details and help build your own computer. Starting at $395