24/7 PC offers on-the-spot Emergency IT Services to Yakima Valley businesses with a technology emergency, because we know that if your technology isn’t functioning properly, neither is your business. 

It’s never a good time for your technology to fail. Deadlines are always looming, deals are always on the table and urgent matters are always pressing. If something goes awry with your technology, it can bring your entire operation to a screeching halt, resulting in loss of revenue, lost clients, and dare I say… complete system failures that could close your doors forever.

At 24/7 PC, we provide 24/7/365 Emergency IT Services within a 2 hour response time, so you’ll always meet those deadlines, close the deal, attend to those pressing matters, and maintain healthy business relations.

Whatever the problem may be, there is a solution. If your hard disk has crashed, we have experts who can recover as much of your data as possible. Sometimes we can even diagnose and fix problems over the phone or by remote access to your machine using the Internet.

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