Practically every field of employment requires data entry and microcomputer applications professionals. Employees who enter the data entry field obtain positions such as data keyer or word processor. You will use microcomputer applications to enter and process information such as customer financial information or medical records. Microcomputer applications may be customized to meet specific business needs but can also include basic applications like Microsoft Word or Excel. In some positions, you may be required to review information for accuracy prior to completing data entry and you may also provide clerical or administrative support. Solid grammar and communication skills are essential for this position. You should also have an eye for detail, customer service orientation and the ability to quickly categorize and order information.

Most employers only require a high school diploma for entry-level positions in data entry and microcomputer applications since a lot of the training is done on-the-job. However, you can pursue certification programs to gain a competitive advantage when searching for jobs.

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