Did you recently buy a new computer, and now you notice it has all kinds of annoying/unneeded or trial software on it? Big companies are able to lower prices on their computers because they pay to pre-install trail software and other “bloatware” from their company on to your new computer. The result of this is your computer not running at it’s peak performance level. In any case, 24/7 PC can fix it!

If your computer is running slow, has too many programs or too much clutter, a system optimization may be just what is needed. Your computer will run better than brand new. 24/7 PC can dramatically tune-up your computer by removing of unused, unwanted, or trial software, clearing of unnecessary start-up programs and services, speeding up your system boot time, and emptying memory dumps, and optimizing your virtual memory.

Optimization service is covered by approximately 1 hour of service. Severe optimizations (about 25% of computers) that are intensely cluttered may require additional time billed in additional half hour increments.

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