We can install Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Linux.

We service Microsoft Windows 7 & 8, Apple versions, Linux, & Microsoft server multiply editions.

Our operating system wipe and reload service consists of the following:

  • Physically clean the computer or laptop
  • Test all hardware (hard drive, memory, etc.)
  • Backup data (if necessary)
  • Install operating system
  • Install device drivers (update BIOS)
  • Install latest Microsoft or Apple security updates
  • Setup and configure email software
  • Copy data back onto system
  • Install anti-virus software and basic applications

When you bring in your PC Computer, Apple Computer, or laptop to 24/7 PC to have your operating system reinstalled, a technician will physically clean out your computer and test all the hardware. Any data needed to be saved will be backed up and then a clean, proper re-installation of Windows (according to Microsoft specifications), Apple OS or Linux will be performed. All latest device drivers will be loaded, all Microsoft/Apple/Linux security updates will be installed and if necessary an anti-virus program will be installed and configured. 24/7 PC recommends Avast and Malwarebytes for effective and free protection. We will then transfer any saved data back onto the computer and configure an email client such as Outlook or Gmail if requested.

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